Boxfood- Caribbean Cuisine


Boxfood: Fiery and sophisticated Caribbean and Asian flavours!

New for Formula 1 2019, we are super excited to introduce Boxfood: a bunch of connected people who truly love food and want to spread the love! From vegan and plant-based dishes to gluten or dairy free, Boxfood always create something delicious and nutritious.

Influences from Asia, America and Europe are used to fine-tune old family recipes from the land of the Blue Mountains and Dunns River, Our already popular Jerk chicken with rice n peas to classics such as Curry goat and Ackee n Saltfish.  Few customers will fail to be tempted by the fresh, nutritious delights of BOXFOOD.

Meats are prepared with our homemade marinades. While our vegetarian and vegan options (Ital) are plenty – specialities include Roasted veg n sweet potato curry ,Red stew with fried plantain to Boxfoods health boost Jerk Jackfruit chunks'. The chef’s famous home-made coleslaw is always a winner. Ingredients are sourced locally where possible and our ethos is eat and be happy!